Ícaro Sá

Percussion  | Brazil

Son of acclaimed percussionist Icarus Sá, Ícaro Sá has been immersed in music, art, and culture since early childhood. Launching his career at age 15 with a group of Bahian artists on the streets and in various percussion groups among the culturally thriving Pelourinho of historic Salvador, Ícaro went on to perform with leading Brazilian artists from Orchestra Sudaka, Ramiro Musotto, Mercedes Sosa, Suzana Baca and Carlinhos Brown.

He is currently percussionist of internationally acclaimed Orkestra Rumpilezz, led by Letieres Leite, since 2008, with whom he has performed with the likes of Brazilian and international musicians including Lenine, Gilberto Gil, Ed Motta, Joshua Redman, Steven Bernstein, and Arturo O’Farrill, among others. Among his many projects and performing groups, in which Ícaro fuses the traditional, Afro-Brazilian, and a new sonic landscape, include the Baiana System, Grupo Garage, producer and multimedia artist Arto Lindsay, the Afro-Brazilian religious music project Agdavi Jêje, and the DJ Vinicius Mangaio – Duo Northeast.