“Music Action Lab is a life-changing experience,

and a fantastic platform for artists to learn and to act.”

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Giant Steps’ goal is to build the capacity of musicians to lead positive change in their communities to engender more vibrant societies. Our lead indicators draw from a multidisciplinary evidence base to measure our success.

Giant Steps is fostering significant 21st century skill development


of Fellows gained more openness to multiple perspectives


of Fellows gained more empathy


of Fellows increased their knowledge of global social issues



of Fellows believe they can make a difference in their community


of Fellows Reported the program prepared them to be a musical leader


of Fellows increased their collaboration skills and gained new tools for musical collaboration


My experience with Music Action Lab has been paramount to me redefining my definition of artistic leadership. This program has given me tremendous exposure to new opportunities, enhanced my music skills, altered my future plans and accelerated my growth as an artistic leader and social worker. Music Action Lab is a life-changing experience and a fantastic platform for artists to learn and act.

Farhan Bogra


As a musician deeply invested in social change and arts access and activism, participating in the Music Action Lab was a uniquely empowering and rewarding experience. Through creating original music around social and political themes with musicians from around the world, I was exposed to transformative musical concepts and eye-opening perspectives and narratives.

Avery Waite


It was such an honor to work with this great group of people in Giant Steps. I made very important friends and colleagues probably for life. The community we made is just a seed, but if nourished carefully, it could grow into the place where we find shelter, place to rest for the next giant step, and become stronger every time.

Jasna Jovicevic



The musicians sounded perfect, I couldn’t even believe how good the music was, and how they dealt with each other to find one path. This is the most essential part about making music: inspiring each other and being enriched from others. I give my full support and admiration to the Music Action Lab, because its work is just crucial in our day and a big source of energy.

Emel Mathlouthi

"Voice of the Tunisian Revolution" (NPR)

As a partner at innovation think-tank Prototype Thinking Labs, we work with hundreds of social entrepreneurs, startups, and companies every year. The Music Action Lab Fellows stood out like a lantern for their depth of character, wisdom, and commitment. In a space where “passion” and “impact” can just be buzzwords, I was so impressed with this community’s deep entrenchment in on-the-ground action, just as I was with the profound kindness that permeated the space.  This is the right way to do diversity.

J Li

Managing Partner, Prototype Thinking Labs

I’ve been to summits across the globe— at the UN, White House, in South Africa, Azerbaijan, Mexico and beyond. This was the single most compelling performance I have ever witnessed; it gave me joy and created community when I needed it most. Giant Steps is an essential player in this space.

Sam Vaghar

Executive Director, Millennium Campus Network Civil Society Advisor, UN Women