Sevana Tchakerian

Accordion, Vocals, Keys, Flute  | Armenia/France

Sevana Tchakerian is a French-Armenian musician, songwriter, educator and tour manager. Though classically trained on piano and vocals, she grew up singing and playing Armenian folk melodies. In 2012, she co-founded the Collectif Medz Bazar, a multi-ethnic band rearranging and creating traditional and original songs combining middle-eastern and balkan folk, hip-hop, chanson, cabaret, jazz and latin influences, where she sings and plays accordion.

In 2015, Sevana moved to Armenia to initiate Tsap-Tsapik, an inclusive music program aiming at rural educational development and pedagogical innovation. She is working to publish the first preschool music education curriculum in Armenian language. In parallel, she has created Dayl’Ayl Production, a tour management agency aiming at promoting Armenian musical talents internationally.